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Building a Brand 

Branding & Marketing
Automotive Industry, EV

Client : Gravton Motors 

Challenge :
The EV space was opening up and the brand needed to carve its niche!  

Sector :

Scope :
Brand Communication, Digital Marketing, Creative Direction. 


The Electrical Vehicle market was hot with the announcement from the giants like OLA electric, Heroelectric and on the another side many new startups were flooding the market with their launches.
The client approached us to help create the communication and market them to reach their audience. 
Gravton motors since 2016 was in the race for a long with robust R&D without a launch.






The task was to ensure a joined-up approach to design communication collateral, promote the brand on social channels and deliver to get pre-orders sales. In addition, they also required a marketing partner for the project, giving one point of contact so their focus could remain on board for streamlining their production.

We acted as an in-house marketing team, Initial consultation began on defining existing Brand specification,  Go to Market Strategy. 

Once vehicle offering was defined, the marketing strategy was developed to ensure a joined-up approach to brand and lead generation and to support the sales strategy.We then delivered on all marketing touchpoints, managing the creation of brand identity and marketing assets from design to printing building a best-in-class marketing suite.


As part of the strategy, the brand was launched pan India announcing it via press release and social media channels. A key part of the launch was to capture preorders,  from the customer support team  provide leads to the sales teams as well as analysis and reporting on marketing spend and modifying the user persona  Blueprints Branding initiated and orchestrated Vendors, most notably with MSL and Balaji digital. to further promote the scheme and add hooks for prospects.

We differentiated the brand by emphasizing on the robustness and economics which the wanted the customers to know about it . We used the website as a poster child This space is a great opportunity to provide any personal details you want to share with your followers. Include interesting anecdotes and facts to keep readers engaged.

Brand innovation & transformation


We’re your partner in defining and articulating your brand as an entity that meets the changed expectations people now have for any organization – whether they’re considering becoming a customer or a member of your team.

Analytics &Communicaiton 


Our deep practice in cultural and behavioral intelligence helps our partners center people in their operations with more nuance and flexibility. And our proprietary methods and offerings help you operate in both the now and the next.




You need a partner that understands more than just how to design great products and services. We understand how to create strong bonds with the larger world of your brand, which is how true loyalty is earned.



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Interactive Investor Accelerates New and Existing Account Sign Ups 


“Albert has helped us acquire new customers and grow our existing account sign ups. Albert’s ability to quickly and autonomously generate and optimize keywords has driven more relevant traffic to us, and the keyword universe created by Albert is far richer and diverse than what we previously had.”
- Anthony Wong, Digital Performance Director

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Channel Inventory Expansion: Expanding the inventory to Discovery, Video, Smart, Performance Max, Snapchat, Quora and Verizon to garner more leads.​

Expansion of Target Audience: Expanded the target audience by exploring similar audience sets of qualified lower funnel audiences to discover high potential prospects. Experimenting on different age groups with creative customization like targeting teenagers.​

Creative and Placement Advantages: Identifying the best theme of creatives basis account performance and expanding this to regional creatives. Exploring different formats like Dynamic creatives. Taking first mover advantage of experimenting on Reel placements with inventory-relevant creative formats.



Ensuring city-wise targets are met with Omni channel and Hyperlocal targeting strategy on a day-to-day basis. Optimizations were done basis the daily CRM report received on the second last stage in the user’s lead journey apart from maintaining efficient CPL across.​

By targeting new interest buckets, we were able to reach out to more potential customers.  Re-targeting users with different ad formats were also crucial at the same time. We leveraged the Custom Intent audiences on Google. We started off with Teen campaigns to target teenagers and their parents to help us reach out to the missed-out age groups from our targeting.​

We added vernacular creatives across channels to increase the relevancy of the ad and worked only with the best theme creatives. Kickstarted targeting users on Reel placement with innovative creatives to leverage the new inventory.​

In city campaign  


K2K- Guinness World RecordMonastarety in Leh to Budha in kanyakumari 

Gravton K2K website .jpg


The marketing team’s strategy was to capture new customers using non-branded and branded keywords, establishing look-alike audiences, and optimizing campaigns. Interested in how an autonomous AI could increase efficiencies and help their team shift PPC efforts in-house, the team enlisted Albert to drive new and existing account sign ups at a cost per account that matched or beat previous results.

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Superkons packaging

Brand Identity 

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