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Branding & Digital 

Building a brand

Client : Swiss milkshakes 

Challenge : 

Develop brand identity and vibe to attract genz 


Brand Communication  | Packaging Design | Brand Idenity- Logo 







Happiness Rush 

Through thick and thin 

FMCG  business challenges  in running a retial FMCG outlet and with passion for thickshakes lacking in most of the brands to the tell the story of this 

Drinking a shake is emotionally driven a guilt trip and a heavenly feel building on this insight the brand idea of a thick shake encompasses a heavenly feel and celebrates a symbolic escape ic can give affinity to colour was incorporated with illustration and pattern  
Insight :


Brand  Communication Strategy 




We’re your partner in defining and articulating your brand as an entity that your customers aspire to  



Design & execution 


Our deep practice in cultural and behavioural intelligence helps  design communication & Collatrel. 


Digital marketing 



We understand analytics and creative at heart  partnering as in house team to capture R&D as content and Doing BD 

Swiss Milkshakes - Blueprints Portfolio - old-02.jpg

Setting tone of the brand

with insights on the marktet and the competition we created image bank that visualizes the brand as a a powerful yet functional vehicle to opt from 

A kiosk that does the job experience the new hearts of the young  

using Vernacular of the genz and minimal design 



The Design 

The logo was designed with giving a recall a zipper and thickness  of the milkshakes which is its speciality 

with a seeded idea to evolve it as a brand architecture in the future.

Swiss Milkshakes - Blueprints Portfolio - old-03.jpg


Digital Communicaition  

Behaviour driven Communication 

Engagement Rate
Build in Genuine Followers over the span of 6 months. 

build in Genuine Followers over the span of 6 months. 

Audience Reach
Build in Genuine Followers over the span of 6 months. 

Launch  & Accelerates preorders with K2K Campaign

"Gravton communication was curated and distributed through PR and social media handles. later a K2K was Uconceptulizatied to remove the stigma with Chinese EV's and range anxiety. acquire new customers and grow our existing account subscriptions. 

Swiss Milkshakes (7).jpg
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-10 at 3.11.51 PM.jpeg

Disrupting mom & pop shop 

Optimizing marketing campaigns 

Designing Communication Tech product 

The marketing team’s strategy was to capture preorders using  a soft launch continued by a bang announcement. A K2K was the 

by distilling the insights we conceptualised a feat to do a K2K nonstop on a EV to break the range anxiety breaker 

Branded keywords, establishing look-alike audiences, and optimizing campaigns to increase efficiencies to drive a cost per preorder down  that matched or beat previous results.